The Best Gift You Can Offer Your Loved Ones

I participated in the Expand Your Power 200 hour Training Program this past spring. It was a powerful, transformative experience for me. I entered the training full of doubt and self-contempt. I committed to fully engage in the work, though, and I discovered over the course of the training how much more I was capable of doing (and being). I discovered how much more joyful and connected my life could be. Through the process of working with my classmates, they became some of the dearest friends in my life—and they continue to be. I consider those people more than friends. They are family to me. I treasure my EYP experience. I entered the training hoping to learn to be a better yoga instructor. I exited the training having learned to be a better person. It has been a year since my EYP experience, and it is as important to me today as it was the day I completed the training.

Expand Your Power training is not cheap. You could take a really nice tropical vacation for the cost of EYP. You could sink your toes in the warm sand, soak up the sun and develop a righteous tan. It would be a spectacular, relaxing week. And then you would return homehome to the same dissatisfactions, to the same self-doubts, to the same dysfunctions in your relationships. Or, you could invest that money in this training, do the work, and emerge from it with an entirely new perspective of yourself and how you relate to the world.

Many of you are parents, spouses, etc… There are a hundred ways you could spend that money differently. Spending it on yoga training might strike you as an extravagant self-indulgence. Let me challenge your thinking. Taking this training is the best gift you can offer your loved ones. You will discover a more fully-integrated version of yourself, and you will increase your capacity to love and serve the people in your life.

I beg you not to let pecuniary concerns deter you from considering the Expand Your Power Training. If it appeals to you, decide to do it. Declare your intention. Circumstances have a remarkable way of providing for our most earnest desires. For me, Expand Your Power training wasand continues to beone of the great blessings in my life.

> Written By Brent, 2016 Expand Your Power Graduate

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