Mairead Sauter

Tier 2: Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Educator

Cherry Hill, NJ, United States

Trainer Bio

Mairead is a Tier 3, 1200-hr Certified Baptiste Instructor and a graduate of the 2018 FIT to Lead Program with Baron Baptiste.  Mairead is a former FBI Special Agent and found that after two deployments to Afghanistan, the power yoga practice gave her access to the physical challenge that she craved and the mental clarity that she needed.  Mairead is an active volunteer with the Veterans Yoga Project and Joined Forces Yoga.

About yoga, Mairead says, “the only rule is to show up and breathe.”  Her favorite pose is unofficially known as “upside-down pose”, meaning that she’ll take advantage of any opportunity to stand on her hands.  A little-known fact about Mairead is that she takes a few frog hops as a pre-conference call ritual in her day job as a data scientist.