Mallory Fox

Tier 1: Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Leader

Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Trainer Bio

Dr. Mallory Fox is passionate about sharing Baptiste Yoga with the world. She first started practicing yoga to manage stress after a night terror resulted in injury. Mallory had a love/hate relationship with yoga. Stillness seemed unattainable, flexibility of the body was available but not of the mind. She felt really “bad” at yoga and beat herself up for it. Never a quitter, she stuck with it. Although it was a struggle to get on the mat, Mallory found herself at Baptiste Power Yoga Level One training in June 2016. Through the meditation and asana, she struggled, but it was in the inquiry work where she truly fell in love with Baptiste Yoga. Discovering her limiting beliefs, reconciling her past while creating her present, allowed her to feel truly at home for the first time.

Her journey with Baptiste Yoga has allowed her to find freedom in her body, mind, and soul. She is eager to share this gift of freedom with all who are interested.