Kelsey Potts

Tier 1: Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Leader

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Trainer Bio

What to expect in class:
You will experience connection, freedom, and empowerment. Kelsey will create a safe space for you to get out of your head and into your body. Expect hands on assists, a grounding energy, and personal shares.

Yoga Journey:
Kelsey was first introduced to yoga in a therapeutic environment and it was what she needed to get out of her head and into her body. Kelsey’s life was transformed when she experienced the freedom, power, and vitality that is accessible in Baptiste yoga, and dove heart first into the practice. She completed her 200-Hour RYT Training in December 2018, and as of November 2019 she’s a Tier 1: 300-Hour Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Leader. When the opportunity to take on the Studio Manager role at Up Yoga was presented to her, she took the leap of faith to quit her corporate job of 7 years so she could join the Up community in a bigger way. Kelsey is committed to replacing her doubt with curiosity, to being up to something bigger than herself, and hopes to connect with and empower others through the practices of yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry. She’s currently apprenticing a 200-Hour yoga teacher training, will be taking a Yin Yoga Teacher Training in 2020, and also plans to apprentice a 200-Hour yoga teacher training with Africa Yoga Project in April 2020. Her heart is open, her world is forever changed because of yoga, and she hopes you join her on your own journey to self-discovery.

What others are saying:
Kelsey’s commitment to growth and the depths of her experiences have shaped her into a powerful teacher and student. She has a passion for Baptiste yoga that she loves to share with others, and is open to learn about all things yoga. She’s able to balance power and ease which allows her to take you to your edge in a Power-Up class, and she’ll also get you to move energy and reach blissful rejuvenation in an Ease-Up class. No matter the class you take from her, you’ll feel her passion and gratitude for the practice and the community.