Awakening Copy

The intention in Awakening is to wake them up — move them, move energy and create the space for ALL to be moved by something bigger than ourselves…through physical action and orchestration. The instructor creates verbal, visual and tactile cues and a general “touch and go” narrative that causes drishti, ujjayi and bandhas in each pose. 

The Poses of the Awakening Sequence

  • Sun Salutation A (x5) 
  • Sun Salutation B (x5) 
  • Flip Dog/Side Plank    

Timing of the Awakening Sequence

  • Approximately 8 minutes of a 60 minute class
  • Approximately 10 minutes of a 75 minute class
  • Approximately 12 minutes of a 90 minute class

Demos included in this video

These demonstrations instruct the skills needed to generate a connection to the student and for the student to the present moment through the creation of Vinyasa.

  • 12:14 Awakening: Transition, Downward-Facing Dog to Warrior 1
  • 24:18  Awakening: Transition, Downward-Facing Dog to Halfway Lift
  • 27:55 Awakening: Vinyasa, Sun Salutation A
  • 34:25 Awakening: Vinyasa, Sun Salutation B
  1. This work can be completed with a partner or alone, in front of a mirror. If in front of the mirror, teach to your body. Record yourself leading each of the demos included within this video. Listen back to the recording and be the student of your teaching. Listen for how your words land for you as the participant. Take 2 – 3 minutes for each exercise.
  2. Once you have completed the exercise, including listening back to the recording, give yourself feedback: were your instructions clear and effective?
  3. Repeat #1. Incorporate the feedback you gave yourself in questions  #2 and #3.

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