Baptiste Yoga Methodology Copy

The 5 Organizing Principles of True North Alignment 

The 5 Organizing Principles of True North Alignment give access to translating the blueprint posture, Tadasana, Mountain Pose, into any other pose or variation. The first three principles below are performed physically to allow for the final two principles to arise.

  1. Be Intentional in creating the physical foundation of the pose & being up to something bigger than yourself.
  2. Balanced Action: Create Sthira Sukha
  3. The Five Pillars: Put in and keep present Drishti, Ujjayi, Bandhas, Tapas, Vinyasa.
  4. Total Body Integrity: PULL IN, PRESS DOWN AND LIFT UP to integrate and create muscle to bone connection (pull into centerline and core).
  5. Total Body Expression: PRESS, LIFT, MOVE and fully express out (move out from center and core). 

The 3 Themes of Practice & Training

  1. Be a YES:  As a creation, not as a concept. Put your attention ON what you want to have happen & be for it.
  2. Give Up What You Must:  Bring into view & let go the fixed drishti’s (perceptions) & Tadasana’s (positions) that thwart and constrain you.
  3. Come From You Are Ready Now:  Move, breathe & have your being from, “Right now is all I’ve got.” Make the higher call at each step.

The Source Principles of Baptiste Yoga

PHYSICALNESS:  Measurable, Observable, Repeatable

Where awareness goes energy flows 

POSSIBILITY: Inception, Revelation, Actualize, Manifestation

The realization of desired results, the possibility of possibility

EMPOWERMENT: Mechanics, Technique, Consistency, Intensity 

Through efficacy, efficiency and intensity each movement generates the needed action for achieving the desired results. Power is action.

  • Safety: The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury. 
  • Efficacy: The ability to produce a desired or intended result
  • Efficiency: The state or quality of being efficient; An action designed to achieve this.  
  • Consistency: The achievement of a level of performance that maintains in quality over time.
  • Intensity: physics The measurable amount of a property, such as force, brightness, or a magnetic field. 

* You need all five of these components working together in appropriate measure 

3 Types of Cues. These are the 3 simple types of cues to lead from.

Verbal- Language

Visual- Demonstration

Tactile- Physical Touch

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