Completing With Intention Copy

When completing a class with intention, come from your longing to serve and your love of the practice. Allow yourself to be moved by the magic and power of transformation. Address the group from the front and center of the room, a place where each member easily sees you. Speak loudly and clearly while making eye contact throughout the group with multiple participants. Now is a time to be seen, experienced, and deeply connected to the students on the mat.

  • 3 ohms
  • Acknowledge
    • The practice, what happened here
    • The students
      • Who the participants were for themselves
      • Who the participants were for you, the teacher.
  • Thank the students for their participation
  • Invite them back to class with a specific request

1). This work can be completed with a partner or alone, in front of a mirror. If completing the exercise alone and in front of a mirror, record your Completion. Listen back for how your words land for you as the participant. Take 2 minutes to generate an intentional completion for a class.

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