Equanimity Copy

The Equanimity sequence gives access to harnessing the power of opposites. The poses of this sequence are physically demanding. With hearts pounding at times, participants balance on one leg, float, and stretch from core to extremity. Instructions should be calm yet energized, clear, brief, directional, and the instructor visible. 

The poses of equanimity

  • Eagle (x2) 
  • Standing Leg Raise
  • Airplane
  • Half Moon
  • Dancer (x2) 
  • Tree

Timing of equanimity

  • Approximately 5 minutes of a 60 minute class
  • Approximately 5 minutes of a 75 minute class
  • Approximately 8 minutes of a 90 minute class

Demos included in this video

  • 11:42 Eagle, Pelvis & Spine
  • 15:42 Eagle, Arms
  • 20:30 Crow Pose
  1. This work can be completed with a partner or alone, in front of a mirror. If in front of the mirror, teach to your body. Record yourself leading each of the demos included within this video. Listen back to the recording and be the student of your teaching. Listen for how your words land for you as the participant. Take 2 – 3 minutes for each exercise.
  2. Once you have completed the exercise, including listening back to the recording, give yourself feeback: were your instructions clear and effective?
  3. Repeat #1. Incorporate the feedback you gave yourself in questions  #2 and #3.

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