Igniting & Stability Copy

The Igniting sequence and the Stability sequence naturally go together. Keep the heat on for Igniting! If the room seems too hot before the Igniting sequence, this is not the time to cool it down. Keep the body warm and ready to go. The body will naturally cool in the Opening sequence. Stability postures counter and neutralize the opening work in the body achieved in the Igniting postures. Experientially move from fear to freedom. Create a new way of being in your body and in your life with these two sequences of Journey Into Power.

The poses of igniting 

  • Locust (x2)
  • Floor Bow (x2)
  • Upward Facing Dog
  • Camel (x2)
  • Bridge
  • Wheel (x6)
  • Supta Baddha Konasana
  • Dead Bug

Timing of the igniting sequence

  • Approximately 8 minutes of a 60 minute class
  • Approximately 8 minutes of a 75 minute class
  • Approximately 10 minutes of a 90 minute class

The poses of the stability sequence

  • Scissor Legs
  • 60/30 Lift
  • Abdominal Twists
  • Boat

Timing of the stability sequence

  • Approximately 3 minutes of a 60 minute class
  • Approximately 5 minutes of a 75 minute class
  • Approximately 5 minutes of a 90 minute class

Demos included in this video

  • 20:15 Wheel, Hands to Shoulders
  • 25:35 Wheel, Feet to Low Back
  • 30:17 Thigh Bone Rotation
  1. This work can be completed with a partner or alone, in front of a mirror. If in front of the mirror, teach to your body. Record yourself leading each of the demos included within this video. Listen back to the recording and be the student of your teaching. Listen for how your words land for you as the participant. Take 2 – 3 minutes for each exercise.
  2. Once you have completed the exercise, including listening back to the recording, give yourself feedback: were your instructions clear and effective?
  3. Repeat #1. Incorporate the feedback you gave yourself in questions  #2 and #3.

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