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Both the creation of centering and of the Integration sequence postures should be brief and powerful, seamlessly flowing into the Awakening sequence within the first 2-3 minutes of class. GET THEM MOVING.

The body, drishti, and breath become set into a pattern of alignment, holistically organizing the body. This is where the intentionality of the practice begins, and the practitioner shifts from the head onto the mat and into the body parts.

The Integration sequence begins with a PAUSE, a mental stop-and-drop from the head into the body. This shift is a physical presence-ing and “centering.” The Integration sequence postures allow for this to get accomplished. The instructor’s job is to CAUSE the PAUSE.

Get them moving in the postures, and through verbal cues, you alter the default narrative in their heads, the one they walked in with, running in their minds. The practice is more than just physical. Alter the mind, and you alter the physiology. Alter the body, alter the mind. Finally, join the group together through breath by chanting om three times.

The Poses of the Integration Sequence

  • Child’s Pose
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Ragdoll
  • Extended Mountain 
  • Samasthiti with 3 Oms

Timing of the Integration Sequence

  • Approximately 2 minutes of a 60 minute class
  • Approximately 2 minutes of a 75 minute class
  • Approximately 2 minutes of a 90 minute class

Demos included in this video

  • 4:30 Acknowledgement and Centering (2-3 minutes)
  1. This work can be completed with a partner or alone, in front of a mirror. If in front of the mirror, teach to your body. Record your acknowledgement and centering. Listen back to the recording and be the student of your teaching. Listen for how your words land for you as the participant. Take 2 – 3 minutes to begin the Integration sequence with an acknowledgement and physical centering.
  2. Once you have completed the exercise, including listening back to the recording, give yourself feedback: was the acknowledgement effective, did it leave you feeling connected? Did it feel sincere?
  3. Once you have completed the exercise, including listening back to the recording, give yourself feedback: was the centering effective? Did you feel more grounded in your body and practice, ready for what comes next?
  4. Repeat #1. Incorporate the feedback you gave yourself in questions  #2 and #3.

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