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“If you really want to learn something, teach it.” – Baron Baptiste Some come to instruct yoga classes, having always known they wanted to be a teacher. Others come to teaching unexpectedly. Many who lead yoga classes share a sense of being drawn to teaching yoga by a desire to serve others, wanting to share something life-changing, learned through their practice of yoga. Life-changing results are the product of specific methodology and diligent practice. Access to the kind of results that have the capacity to transform people’s lives can be made greater with effective leadership in the classroom. In Baptiste Yoga’s The Teacher’s Edge, Live with Baron Baptiste you will discover concrete skills you can practice to become an effective instructor whose classes are filled with students who share “this was just what I needed, how did you know?” as they leave the class. In turn, you will grow from the experience of facilitating transformations on mats

View the video, Introduction, and record your response to the following two questions in your journal. When answering each question, set a timer for 5 minutes. Though you might feel complete with the answer after a lesser amount of time, stay with it. Ask the question again, allowing yourself to see something new as you stay with the question. Finally, share your answers in the chat feature of this section of the Course. Revisit the course and its chat, again and again, to receive new insights as you learn from the sharing of others completing the Course.

1). What does your instructing/ teaching/ leading mean to you?

2). What is the contribution you want your instructing/ teaching/ leading to be for others?

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