Leaping off the Edge, Part 1 Copy

The Comfort Zone is a place where we operate inside of a default, business as usual. Often we create a space inside our Comfort Zone designated as “outside my Comfort Zone,” and yet it is just the measure of the amount of discomfort we are willing to tolerate. It doesn’t represent an Edge. Instead, it further defines the Comfort Zone. An Edge is a place between default, business as usual, and transformation into the possibility of what you are capable of being. To leap off the edge is to take yourself, permanently, into a new realm of who you are being in the world for yourself and others.

Locate and journal about a time where you lept off the EDGE and had a positive result, and some miracle happened as a result of jumping off of the edge…

  • Did something you were afraid to do
  • Did something you didn’t know how to do
  • Put yourself in a situation you couldn’t control

Moreover, it became a breakthrough for you. A new way of being and living. What happened?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and utilize the full time to consider and answer this question in your journal. Once you have completed your journaling, move onto the next video.

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