The Overarching Design of a Journey Into Power Class, part 2 Copy

Create the context for the class with your speaking. A powerful acknowledgment creates a connection between students on their mats and the person leading the practice, breaking down a sense of separation or otherness. For the teacher to be powerful in acknowledging others, specificity is required. When effective, participants are in the experience of being seen and valued. Their listening for a possibility, available to them through the practice of Journey Into Power, is enhanced.


  1. State who the participants are for you, the teacher.
  2. Acknowledge the effort it took to be here, in the class.
  3. State who you are for the participants while in this class.
  4. Share what you intend for the group in this class, what you will be asking them to do.

View the video, The Overarching Design of a Journey Into Power Class, part 2, and record your response to the following question in your journal. When answering, set a timer for 5 minutes. Though you might feel complete with the answer after a lesser amount of time, stay with it. Ask the question again, allowing yourself to see something new as you stay with the question. Finally, share your answers in the chat feature of this section of the course. Revisit the course and its chat, again and again, to receive new insights as you learn from the sharing of others completing the course.

1). Recall a time when you felt powerfully acknowledged. What were you left with in the realm of connection, listening, and trust?

2). What did you learn about the impact of acknowledging the class?

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