Why Baptiste Yoga Exists Copy

This statement is the “why” of the methodology of Baptiste Yoga. The Baptiste Yoga Institute, its Affiliate Studios, Certified Teachers, and the Baptiste Foundation each take their inspiration from this methodology and use it to inform all of the work they do in the world. 

View the video, Why Baptiste Yoga Exists, and record your response to the following questions in your journal. When answering, set a timer for 10 minutes. Though you might feel complete with the answer after a lesser amount of time, stay with it. Ask the questions again, allowing yourself to see something new as you stay with the question. Finally, share your answers in the chat feature of this section of the course. Revisit the course and its chat, again and again, to receive new insights as you learn from the sharing of others completing the course.

1). How does the “Why Baptiste Yoga exists” statement inspire you? From the “why,” what are you creating in the world?

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