Baptiste Institute is an organization changing lives by bringing yoga to the world as a leadership skill.

The Baptiste Institute exists to make a difference and empower people to realize and manifest what is of interest and of most importance to them.

We inspire people to fulfill their purpose of making a difference for themselves and others. Our tools and practices enable people to develop themselves and others as leaders in their own lives.

We are committed to causing leaders who cause leaders first with themselves and then with others.

Don't wish for it.

Work for it.

Baron Baptiste, who runs the Baptiste Insitute, is the son of Baptiste yoga founder Walt Baptiste. His vigorous Vinyasa Flow classes draw from his own varied practice and incorporate elements of Bikram, Ashtanga, Raja and Iyengar yoga. Baptiste teaches eight-day yoga bootcamps at retreats worldwide. He believes in intuitive asana sequencing with a focus on what he calls "spiritual psychology," and encourages participants to trust their own intuition and listen to their bodies while practicing.

Meditation is a central component of Baptiste classes, in which practitioners are encouraged to tap into their creativity, build self-confidence and protect their joints. If Bikram classes are torture chambers, Baptiste classes are group therapy, with self-awareness being the ultimate goal of asana practice. If you've taken a hatha-based class before, you'll probably be familiar with Downward-Facing Dog and Sun Salutations. Sequencing depends on the teacher, and teachers may modify their classes depending on the needs of a specific group of students.


  • core programs

    Compress decades of growth into days. Discover for yourself your fullest expression and experience the profound results this powerful practice offers when shared with others.

  • intensives

    Dive deep into specific areas of the Baptiste Methodology - assisting, anatomy and more. Generate potent and concrete results quickly and cause breakthroughs for yourself and others.

  • 200 hour training

    Get results on and off your mat. Remove what blocks you from teaching powerfully and living from your authentic self.

  • 40 days to personal revolution

    A breakthrough program to radically change your body and awaken the sacred within your soul. Through yoga, meditation, inquiry and diet, this relevant and practical program will lead you to the clarity of mind, body and spirit that awaits on the other side of your revolution.

  • Leadership Training

    Gain new mastery in and out of the yoga room and bring yourself, as a natural leader, to the next level. Learn and embody leadership both in the classroom and in every arena of your life.