5 Ways to Build Your Confidence

(Read Time: 2 minutes)

We all struggle with our confidence at times. No one is immune, from the most famous influencer to the “new kid” at school. I’ve been there, too… 

And in the process of working through that, I’ve gathered some tips that have helped me to become a more confident person.

I hope they can help you do the same! 

Here are five ways to build your confidence:

Get things done

I know this sounds pretty obvious, but procrastinating does not build confidence. I’ve been guilty of that as well, but let me tell you… 

The payoff for following through and completing things is huge. 

Whether that’s finally finishing that home project, getting some chores done, or completing a difficult assignment… not only does finishing a task give you confidence, it also helps relieve stress. 

Procrastination is my number one enemy, and I know I’m not alone. Learning to conquer it will only benefit you in the long run.

Monitor your progress

Keep track of the things you’ve done. Make a list, keep a journal, or write things down on a whiteboard as you accomplish them.

One of the biggest struggles of not having enough confidence is feeling like you are not good enough. 

And while your productivity and accomplishments do not equal your worth, a visual reminder of what you’ve achieved can go a long way toward boosting your confidence.

Set goals

Setting goals and keeping to them is important. 

Don’t bail at the last minute or procrastinate on the things you need to get done. Write them down, create a plan, and check them off one by one!

Setting goals for yourself keeps you moving forward. Creating a schedule with a variety of things to do throughout your day will make life a little less unpredictable…  

This can help with improving your focus as well as boosting your confidence. 


Studies have consistently shown that physical exercise boosts self-confidence. 

Many people have found that exercising regularly improved their body image, reduced depression and anxiety, and reduced the tendency to withdraw socially. 

The result? Better confidence!

Exercise is not just important for our physical health but our emotional health as well. 

Dedicating some of your time each day to exercising… especially if the exercise is something like power yoga, that applies to both your body and mind…will help tremendously on the road to gaining more confidence.

Monitor your self-talk.

12-step programs call it your “itty bitty sh*tty committee…”

It’s the noise in your head that’s telling you you’re not good enough, that you can’t do it, and that everyone else is better than you are. And it can wreck your confidence quicker than just about anything else.

We all have it… but when you catch the “committee” chattering away, you can choose to silence it and replace the toxic noise with truth.

And the truth is, you are worthy. You are capable. You are valued and valuable… and, while you sometimes fall short just like everyone else, you are using the hard times to learn and grow.

Pay attention to the things you say to yourself, about yourself. 

Would you say that to a friend? A stranger? You deserve the same respect and kindness that you give others.

The bottom line is that if you want to be confident and successful in life, it takes hard work and a lot of dedication. 

However, these five confidence-building tips are a solid place to start on your journey to embracing your own potential and living life to the fullest.

What are some things you’ve done recently to increase your confidence?