What Affiliates Are Saying

What Affiliates Are Saying

Businesses Built to Last

A Globally Connected Community

The Source of Baptiste Yoga

Your next step is Affiliation

Our Affiliate communities and leaders are the stewards and heartbeat of Baptiste Power Yoga out in the world.

Affiliates are environments where empowerment, deep community, camaraderie, contribution, and transformation happen with real people, in real time.

Affiliate communities are made up of local and stable businesses built to last, and they are the place and platforms for positive change.

Affiliate locations are the homes of the growing number of Baptiste Certified Teachers around the world. By offering a space for these Teachers to lead the Practices and Techniques of Baptiste Power Yoga, the Affiliates become the hub for empowered teams of leaders making a real difference in the world.


Through Affiliation you can build a business on the practice you love.

Stand on the shoulders of the decades of ongoing upgrades that have gone into developing the Baptiste Methodology.

Focus on delivering quality classes and watch your community grow.

Requirements to apply for Affiliation

All that is required to apply to Affiliate is that you are a member of the Certification Development Pathway. If so, reach out here now!

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Not yet a member?

Become eligible by graduating from either of these programs:

Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential Course (previously known as Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Course)

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Level One: Journey Into Power

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Who is the best fit as a Baptiste Affiliate?

By being connected to a bigger collective, Baptiste Power Yoga Affiliate community members have the opportunity to own studios and facilitate classes and events that stand above the crowd.

At the Baptiste Institute, we stand for each and every Affiliate… and when you choose to join us in this stewardship, you will become a part of our extraordinary and outstanding Affiliate family.

This is the correct time for you to become a Baptiste Affiliate if:

  1. You want to make a real and lasting difference for others through the practice and methods you love and not do it as a lone island.
  2. You want to create an empowered tribe of practitioners, teachers, and leaders, who powerfully express the Baptiste Methodology as a collective force.
  3. You’ve experienced a tremendous fundamental shift through Baptiste Yoga and are ready to cause similar journeys for others.

Steps to Affiliation

How do I become an Affiliate and receive all of these benefits?

It’s simple.

Just follow these steps:


Get in Touch

Submit your contact information below to receive communication from the Baptiste Affiliate Director.



You apply by submitting all the required information.


Review & Sign-on

We will review your application to ensure you meet the requirements and that it’s a fit. You sign on and submit payment for your first year as an Affiliate.



Upon acceptance, we send your brand guide filled with valuable information and materials such as name usage, the Journey Into Power Sequence card, Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology posters, and high-quality photos.



Contact the Baptiste Affiliate Director to review and approve your branding.



Build out your new brand by updating your website and studio branding.



You are officially Affiliated and your business will be featured on the Baptiste website and social media channels.

Ready to learn more?

Build a thriving business and make a real difference for others out of the practice you love.

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Success Stories

Why being a Baptiste Power Yoga Affiliate matters right now?

When I look to what other Affiliate studios are up to in the world, it continually encourages me to bring more purpose, clarity, and meaning into teaching the students at my studio, leading my team of teachers with more power and up-leveling what I am up to for the world, in my relationships, and within my local community. There is an entire community and team behind me when I get scared, lost, alone and out of sorts that have had their moments of the same worries and doubts and they won’t let me stay stuck there. Depending on what I need at any moment I can reach out to them (other Affiliate owners and leaders of this work) and be heard and supported to step back into being a powerful leader and teacher. And just by being a part of this network, I’m supported, I know I’m not alone and that what I’m doing is making a huge impact.

Adrienne Smith

Owner, Power of Your Om

There is a power that is generated by being a Baptiste Affiliate studio, having an aligned vision with something bigger, and being connected to source. As an Affiliate, we are part of a global community with a shared methodology, a movement for transformation and empowerment. The energy in a Baptiste Affiliate is palpable when you walk through the door: no matter where you are, you know you are home.

Debi Grilo

Studio Owner, Practice Yoga

What I have learned over the years is that I can do things on my own or I can tap into something greater by uniting with others. As a studio owner, Baptiste Yoga and the Affiliate Studio community have become as imperative to my studio as my practice is to my life. The depth of community within the Affiliate Studios gives me access to new ways of thinking, delivering, and leading. I am challenged, supported, and inspired by a global group of people who truly care. Baptiste Yoga has transformed who I am and the community I lead. ~ Leslie Chapman, Owner Toledo Yoga, a Baptiste Power Yoga Affiliate

Leslie Chapman

Owner & Instructor, Toledo Yoga

Right now being a Baptiste Affiliate matters because it provides clear brand recognition in a city with lots of yoga options. We were always teaching Baptiste Power Yoga but when we became an affiliate our mission became clear and class sizes grew. As an affiliate owner I have the foundation and support I need to be up to something bigger than myself. Being part of the greater Baptiste Community in this unique way has created a deep commitment from my teachers and deep community with our students. It has definitely been the best decision I’ve made for Up Yoga.

Lindsay Grabb

Owner & Founder, Up Yoga

Becoming a Baptiste Affiliate was a big step in the life of Small World Yoga. As Executive Director of a young nonprofit organization, having the Baptiste Institute’s name associated with SWY was a way to give additional credibility as we look to grow and expand our brand in the world.

The methodology of Baptiste Yoga is closely tied to SWY’s own core values and mission; built around connecting people and creating a sense of community, but also our work of growing people and supporting people in finding their purpose so they can lead their fullest lives.

Baptiste Affiliation has provided broad connections to like-minded, service-oriented resources and yoga studio expertise beyond our immediate local community in Nashville. What’s becoming possible is the potential to influence and grow our local vision bigger with the support of like-minded leaders who speak the same language and are up to creating similar things in their own communities.

In cities like Nashville that are filled with a variety of power yoga and studios, the Baptiste affiliation has helped create clarity around the specific style offered in our community. It has allowed our leadership team to more clearly define the culture within our studio, strengthened our teaching team and ultimately created a more consistent student experience.

One of our core values at SWY is growth. Partnering with the Baptiste Institute to host programs like the Baptiste Power Yoga Teachers Course and encouraging teachers to attend week-long programs is just one of many ways we live out that core value, with opportunities for our students and teachers to grow in life-changing ways.

One of my favorite African proverbs says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. That phrase comes to mind anytime I reflect on my experience as a Baptiste affiliate and is one of many reasons Small World Yoga chooses to be a part of this global community of leaders, entrepreneurs and inspiring individuals making an impact.

Liz Veyhl

Founder & Executive Director, Small World Yoga

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