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  • What does “Letting Go” Really Mean?

    What does “Letting Go” Really Mean?

    On a recent episode of Disrupting the Drift, a listener asked an important question: “How can I practice “letting go” when it feels like someone is disrespecting me intentionally? In these incidences, I feel like if I let it go instead of defending myself, the person wins and will continue to treat me that way.”

  • Finding Truth-Seekers

    Finding Truth-Seekers

    In today’s world, it can be difficult to navigate the onslaught of brokenness, cancel culture, groupthink, negativity, and inauthenticity that are constantly vying for our attention.  How are you supposed to know who to listen to? Who should you trust and surround yourself with?  My response to this is, look for…

  • Free Yourself from Judgment, Resentment, and Regret

    Free Yourself from Judgment, Resentment, and Regret

    Grief is a hard thing. When my father died, I found myself dealing with some complex emotions that could have led to a lifetime of regret, self-judgment, and resentment. I discovered that the regret I felt was keeping me from feeling at peace with the situation. And that led to some serious introspection about what…

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