Being Yourself Opens Up New Space To Create

In order to create new pathways in any area of your life, you must get real wherever you haven’t been. Acknowledging what’s stuck and telling the truth about where you’ve been wearing a mask opens up new energy to flow in the present.

The problem is that most of us refuse to admit that we are not being ourselves in the areas of our life that matter most. Automatic denial keeps us from seeing any inauthenticity that’s the source of resistance and causes stuckness, and this is where we need to dig deeper and find the courage to risk getting real with ourselves.

Regardless of how you feel about it, any area of your life where the energy is stuck or contracted or you feel disempowered has some inauthenticity present. Perhaps you can’t see it, but it’s there! If you can locate it and tell the truth about it, you access great energetic freedom. It opens up the future like blank pages in a book, available to by filled by new ways of being.