Dealing With Cruel People: Empowering Yourself with Grace Under Fire – Baptiste Institute

Broken promises, injustice, and manipulative relationships can all cause frustration and anger, and yet reacting with anger often backfires and makes the situation worse.

When dealing with cruel people, modifying behavior and dealing with symptoms without addressing the underlying problem is quite a bit like trying to heal a gunshot wound with gauze.

In this episode of “Disrupting the Drift”, Baron Baptiste discusses how out-of-control people use anger to gain control over others.

It’s important to find healthy ways to regain control without resorting to anger.

The root cause of anger might surprise you… Listen to the end for real, actionable solutions to break the patterns and regain control of emotions. In the end, you’ll have greater peace and happiness.

Click “Play,” now to discover the surprising root cause of anger and find greater peace and happiness.

By gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, you can make more conscious choices and find greater joy and meaning in your life.

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Jon Marino
Author: Jon Marino

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