Discover The 12 Laws of Transformation To Living Fully

The 12 Laws of Transformation are principles by which we can live and grow. They can act as a guiding beacon of light on the high road toward truth and whole-life health. The more closely we cleave to these principles and natural laws, the more effortlessly we will be changed. To the degree that we choose to live by them, our life flows. To the degree that we reject them, we struggle.

When we violate the laws of nature, we are not living up to our potential. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are bad, just that we are not entirely in the know. When you have an innate knowledge of these laws within your consciousness, you are no longer swimming upstream, and as a result, you feel more at home in your body and at peace with the pressures of your life.

When we look at anything through the perspective of principles, we immediately shift our perception to the bigger picture. There is a greater purpose and meaning behind what we are doing, and we are led by a higher force rather than just haphazardly taking action. By understanding, internalizing and living these timeless principles, we are building our house on rock, and from this foundation, we can flow and grow into true success in life.


1. Seek the truth.

2. Be willing to come apart.

3. Step out of your comfort zone.

4. Commit to growth.

5. Shift your vision.

6. Drop what you know.

7. Relax with what is.

8. Remove the rocks.

9. Don’t rush the process.

10. Be true to yourself.

11. Be still and know.

12. Understand that the whole is the goal.

“True learning is remembering.” —Socrates