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Most people struggle to just survive instead of thriving in life because they listen to the radio station WIIFM… 

Which stands for What’s In It For Me. 

This mentality reflects an attitude of self-centeredness, where it’s all about me and only thinking about how what I do or give benefits me in some way. 

But this approach is counterproductive if you’re trying to live a fulfilling life. 

A much better approach is to give with generosity and kindness and see what happens. 

When you give freely, without expecting something in return, you create a positive ripple effect that can have great rewards. 

What's in it for them by Joe Polish book cover
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Just look at my good friend Joe Polish, who recently released his new book on Amazon – ‘What’s In It For Them’. 

His book outlines principles on how to get what you want by giving others what they want – but without resorting to manipulation or dishonesty. 

Everyone gains when you come from a place of generosity, so that everyone wins! 

Generosity not only brings tangible rewards, but intangible ones as well.

When we give freely out of our hearts and not from selfish motives, we often feel a deep sense of satisfaction and joy that cannot be replicated by any material thing or act of receiving. 

Generosity also helps build strong relationships with those around us; it creates a bond between giver and receiver that can last for years to come. 

Furthermore, research has shown that when we practice giving generously, our neural pathways become more activated which leads to positive thoughts and feelings that help us live happier lives. 

The moral of the story is clear: True success comes from giving freely out of love rather than expecting something in return out of greed or selfishness. 

When everyone gives with an open heart – both the giver and receiver benefit! 

So why not spread some goodness today? Put away the WIIFM attitude and start practicing true generosity!

You can watch a YouTube short on this topic by clicking here

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