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As a yoga instructor (as well as in other areas of my life), I am expected to lead. Although I have been trained in the practice of teaching, there is something undeniably intimidating about taking on the mantle of leadership. 

It can be daunting to know that you are responsible for leading others on a difficult journey, both physically and mentally. 

Despite the misgivings and insecurities I had early in my career, I have discovered that there is much to be gained by stepping into a position of leadership and allowing myself to grow as an instructor.

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Leadership is an invaluable skill, one that can help us foster relationships and create meaningful experiences. A good leader brings out the best in people and helps them recognize their dreams.

Yet it is also true that leading can bring with it fear and insecurity. 

You might enter a position of authority feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility or uncertain about your abilities. 

But rather than being inhibited by these feelings of trepidation, embrace them and use them as motivation to become a more confident leader. 

The key lies in recognizing your strengths and using them to the fullest extent possible so that you can guide others effectively through their own journeys… and help them do the same.

To be a good leader, you don’t need to be perfect. You just need to believe that you are capable of creating positive change within the group dynamic. 

This means developing a strong understanding of your own values so you can communicate them effectively with those around you, and being confident in yourself. 

Leadership doesn’t require perfection. It requires strength! 

Through determination and hard work, anyone can overcome fear and step into a position of leadership.

If you’re considering a move into a position of leadership… whether it’s leading yoga classes or you’d like to step into a more prominent position at work, Level One Virtual will help you gain confidence, skill, and strength.

At its core, Level One Virtual is a powerful leadership training… an opportunity for deep personal growth and self-reflection, and a place to hone the skills you need to be a confident, strong leader. 

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