One thing most people don’t recognize as a disruptive force is really listening.

When you think “disruptive,” you might think of something big, loud, and full of action…

The truth is… 

Pure listening is simple, powerful, and disruptive. You can do it to transform relationships, foster amazing personal growth, and change the way you see the world around you.

What’s more… 

You can build greater connections and deeper empathy with people in your world.

And that’s just the start. 

How disruptive can listening really be?  Click “Play” on my recent podcast episode to find out…

In the podcast above, I’m talking about how to listen in a way that allows you to truly hear what the other person is saying…

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WITHOUT the filter of judgment, preconceived notions, the interference of your own thoughts, or the lens of the past clouding your focus. 

Being able to truly listen, focus on and understand the needs of others can lead to greater connections and deeper empathy.

At its core, pure listening involves focusing intently and completely on what someone is saying without judgment or internal responses. 

It requires tuning into someone else’s thoughts and feelings in order to truly hear them… 

A skill which isn’t common or easy to come by.

You might feel the need to jump in with your own opinion, change the subject, or try to “fix” things… and yet by staying silent, you allow the person to speak their truth without interruption.

The best part?

By practicing pure listening, you can communicate even more effectively so your message comes across clearly and accurately. 

This skill is invaluable both personally and professionally as you navigate conversations about your needs or wants without getting lost in the noise or leaving anything unsaid.

Want to learn better communication skills, clear the way for deeper connection, and experience personal growth like never before?

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I can’t think of a better place to get recentered than the breathtaking vista you’ll experience in Belize… or a better way to refocus and clear the path to personal transformation than the yoga, meditation, and inquiry I’ve got planned for this event.

Spend the mornings with a group of like-hearted people going through the course, and enjoy the afternoons doing whatever fills you up… 

And come back confident, refreshed, and ready to take on the world.

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