Critical people can be really hard to deal with… I’m sure you’ve dealt with your fair share of them, too.

And while it can be painful to your ego to hear criticism, especially from someone whose opinion really matters to you, it can also be very beneficial.

In fact, you can learn a LOT from criticism…

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If you’re open to allowing criticism to help you grow, you can use it as valuable fuel for personal development. 

Think of it as a gift, even though it’s being delivered in an unpleasant package.

How do you deal with critics and criticism? Click play and find out…

The truth is, as painful as criticism can be, it provides an opportunity for growth… as long as the person is being fair in what they are saying.

And that’s a growth opportunity, too… to develop the ability to hear someone out, assess your own behavior, and make an unbiased decision as to whether their criticism is valid.

Give it a listen… because as hard as criticism can be, anything that helps you become a better person is valuable fuel for growth, even if it wasn’t meant to be helpful.

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