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Although we all face different circumstances and while it’s true that life can throw all sorts of curveballs at you, the truth is that most of the time it is our mindset that holds us back. 

The tendency is to resort to destructive thinking when things get hard. We’re quick to dismiss the idea that we can overcome hardship and immediately jump to assuming that we are incapable. 

Often this is a learned behavior. If we’re surrounded by people who think this way or who even tell us that we can’t be successful, we will inevitably pick up this way of thinking. 

It’s important to actively teach yourself to recognize the moment you start thinking this way… and then turn your thinking around. 

Remind yourself that you CAN, and learn to recognize that the feeling of helplessness or hopelessness is simply a lie that, if you let it, will hold you back from achieving the good things you’re capable of.

Know your rights and stand up for them.

You are an individual with rights. It’s very important that you know your rights and that you let others know that they should respect them. 

Don’t just let people cross the line and walk all over you. 

You need to develop the skills for thinking and deciding things for yourself… 

It’s OK to make choices that are best for you. Let other people know about your rights and your boundaries if a situation calls for it. 

You’re not shutting people off. It’s just that everybody has rights, including you… and when we respect each other’s rights, we build stronger, lasting relationships.

Learn how to say NO.

Saying the word “no” seems simple, but it’s surprisingly a skill that most people struggle with. 

Saying no is about self-discipline and knowing yourself. 

Not knowing how to say no will lead you to be taken advantage of by people and situations… 

Learning how to say “no” protects your time and your sanity… and it protects both you and others from resentments that can build up when you say “yes” to things you shouldn’t agree to.

Get out and move.

Exercise is proven to affect your mood positively and studies show that it actually helps reduce depression. 

Starting your morning with some stretches or exercises can set your mood for the entire day… 

It’ll help motivate you to get things done as well! 

Create a to-do list

Creating a to-do list will help projects and responsibilities seem less intimidating. 

Try not to focus on just how many things you need to get done, and instead think about one thing at a time. 

Focus on the task you are doing right now and don’t worry about what is coming next…

And before you know it, you’ll have gotten through the whole list.

Nothing makes you feel more in control than getting things done and checking them off your list. 

No more procrastinating!  

Pay Attention

It’s very important to pay attention in every situation and to improve one’s ability to focus. It’s time to stop compromising and start solving your own problems. 

Make sure that you are not forgetting to take care of your own health and that you are getting enough sleep…

Don’t forget about your basic needs because they are very important.

Action Points:

It’s up to you to take control of your life. The good news is that you CAN, and when you do you’ll feel less overwhelmed and more positive about the future.

Take a moment to reflect. 

Which of the points above are you doing well with?

Where are some areas that could use improvement?

Take a moment and write these down, and then choose one thing that you can work on this week.

Change happens one step at a time… you can do this!

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Author: Baptiste Yoga

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