Have you heard of ChatGPT? 

It’s an AI-powered chatbot that uses natural language understanding to converse with users in a conversational manner….

In fact, I used AI to write the last sentence you read.

Everyone’s talking about it lately… basically, you can ask it to write just about anything and it will instantly comply. 

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In fact, AI writing has come so far that universities are scrambling to find a way to identify robot-writing in a desperate attempt to quell a sudden wave of very convincing plagiarism.

And Chat GPT is just one more AI disruption in a long chain of recent developments.

Virtual reality… the Metaverse… AI art… Virtual customer service apps… 

But, what’s all of this doing to society? 

Are we damaging our mental health and limiting our potential by making use of all this technology?

As technology continues to evolve, are we devolving?

In a recent Disrupting the Drift video, I’m exploring the ramifications of ChatGPT and other AI technology.

You can leave a comment on the YouTube channel (You’ll find it here)

I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

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