Apprentice a Baptiste Program


As a Certified Baptiste Teacher, you are eligible to apprentice at a Baptiste program! Be of service and elevate your leadership!

The Apprentice Program is for Certified Baptiste Teachers who have not yet assisted a weeklong program and wish to be of service in this way. As an apprentice, you will be in co-creation of the program as a team member and as a participant in the development of your own leadership. If accepted to this program, payment of tuition (found in the application form) is required prior to the start date. 


Please note only accepted applicants will be contacted. 


I have applied to apprentice in the past and have not been chosen, is there something I ought to know?

Our community is generous and many want to assist at our programs, more than we have space for on each team. As we choose apprentice teams we are looking at the whole team, the skills of each person and how all the individuals will meld in a group dynamic. We appreciate every community member who applies!

What do I need to bring with me?

Watch, water bottle, yoga mat, blocks, strap, yogi toes, Baptiste clothing to wear while apprenticing.

I don’t have a lot of current Baptiste clothing. When can I buy my new Baptiste clothing?

You will be able to purchase Baptiste wear if you choose before the program starts. 


Do I have to set up my own travel and shuttle?

Yes. You are responsible for booking your own flight and shuttle to and from the retreat center.  You may reach out to other team members about possibilities for ride shares.

Are meals provided?

Baptiste Institute covers all meals during apprentice commitment times at the venue.

Is it possible to get my travel and lodging paid for by Baptiste?

We don’t offer any stipends for travel and lodging unless otherwise noted.

What can I expect from the Apprentice Program?

“The Apprentice Program opened my eyes to teaching in a whole new way. The Baptiste team co-created a powerful and supportive environment where I could grow, learn and step-up as a leader. I am beyond blessed to have received the benefits of personal mentoring both on and off the mat from the brilliantly talented senior team as well as Baron himself.  It was a rare opportunity to develop my skills, knowledge and personal commitments through inspiring journaling, personal check-in’s and daily team meetings. I had the amazing opportunity to listen to and share with the entire Level I group and be a witness to their transformations, I truly felt the power of being for others. I am grateful for the time I spent as an apprentice working in partnership with this group of exceptional teachers and teachers in training. What I learned at this program went far beyond learning to assist a yoga class. I am truly inspired by Baptiste Power Yoga and the Apprentice Program and through it I am forever changed for the better.”

- Luca Richards, Apprentice August 2011 Level One: Journey Into Power


If you have questions or comments you would like to share with us, email

Please note that completion of the application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Only those accepted for the Apprentice Program will be contacted.