Tier 2 Certified Teacher

A Tier 2: 500 hour Certified Baptiste Teacher can teach a powerful 90 minute Journey Into Power class and effectively teach workshops as a natural expression of who they are.


*Tier 1: 200 hour Certified Baptiste Teacher | 258 hours
This includes Level One, Level Two and Art of Assisting
*Level Three: Beyond Borders | 125 hours
*Advanced Art of Assisting | 15 hours

+ 102 hours of additional approved coursework to reach a total of 500 hours (see list below)

+ 100 hours of teaching as a Tier 1: 200 hour Certified Baptiste Teacher


The following programs can be used towards the additional 102 hours of coursework required.

*Foundations In Action | 28 hours
*Art Of True North Alignment | 15 hours
*Being Of Power | 7 hours
*Apprentice A Week Long Program | 120 hours
*Assist A Week Long Program | 120 hours
You may use up to 2 week long programs towards your Tier 2: 500 Hour Certification.
*Repeat Level One | 96 hours - Any Level One repeated in 2009 or after will be accepted.
*Repeat Level Two | 112 hours - Any Level Two repeated in 2009 or after will be accepted.  
*Personal Revolution 2017 | 75 hours
*Ignite Your Power | 121 hours
*Expand Your Power: A Baptiste Institute Program | 200 hours
*Expand Your Power Facilitator Training | 200 hours
*Kids Teacher Training | 95 hours for week long - 25 hours for 3 day
*40 Days Facilitation Training | 50 hours
*Beyond Level One | 74.5 hours 
*Beyond Level Two | 74.5 hours 



Demonstrate a level of mastery in teaching and leading the Journey Into Power sequence to group.
Effectively workshop and demonstrate True North Alignment in a pose to a group of students.
Be able to deliver the Baptiste Methodology as a natural expression of who you are.


Attend or assist a minimum of one Baptiste program every three years.
Complete an exam every three years.
Pay annual dues.


Access to a global community of people sharing Baptiste Yoga™.
Connection to other Tier 2 teachers to collaborate with and to learn from.
Development from the Baptiste Institute through inquiry work.
Discounts to Baptiste programs.
An invitation to the annual Certribution Summit.
And more!


Once you have completed your Tier 2: 500 Hour Baptiste Certification you may apply via the Yoga Alliance Website here. Note that you must upload your Tier 2: 500 Hour Certificate from Baptiste Institute to verify that you’ve satisfied the requirements. Once you submit your application through Yoga Alliance your application will be reviewed within 48 hours.

When applying on the Yoga Alliance website, search for Baptiste Institute's 300 hour program to locate the correct application.


  1. Click here to submit a request for the application package.
  2. Submit your application once completing all the required work.
  3. Implement feedback.
  4. Get certified!

Questions? Email certribution@baptisteyoga.com.