Baptiste Power Yoga Level One: Journey Into Power


Summer 2023 Registration Coming Soon

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Baptiste Power Yoga Level One: Journey Into Power


Summer 2023 Registration Coming Soon

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Create Your Next Level

Level One: Journey Into Power is a highly impactful accelerated learning experience designed to unlock and up-level the quality of your personal and professional life. 

Discover how you can surpass your own limitations to achieve your goals and take your life, practice and teaching to new heights of fulfillment, accomplishment and contribution.

Level One is designed to provide you with the immersive experience and profound knowledge to more effectively apply the Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology to empower yourself; and provide you with the initial and immersive education to begin instructing others using the Baptiste Power Yoga Journey Into Power primary sequence of postures.

Even better… it’s also an experience for anyone passionate about REAL and lasting change in their life, their body, and their mind.

No matter what’s coming up for you in your life right now… Level One will serve you right where you stand, open new pathways of possibility and support your journey to lifelong health, fulfillment, and contribution.

Results of Level One

Level One is basic training for body, heart and mind and is structured to meet three primary goals:

Provide you with a foundational education to begin instructing and leading others using the Baptiste Power Yoga primary postural sequence, Journey Into Power.

Attain the technical knowledge, skill and understanding to better use Baptiste Power Yoga practices and methods for empowering yourself and your own practice.

Experience a fundamental shift in your ability to think and act far beyond existing views, outlooks and beliefs in order to alter what’s possible in your personal and professional life.

The Promise of Level One

The purpose of Level One: Journey Into Power Training is that you will open up, and practice being on a new pathway for yourself that makes a real difference in what matters most to you in your life and in expressing the practice of yoga. 

You will learn what it takes to be an effective practitioner and instructor of the foundational Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology.

Level One Training is an opportunity to dive deep into the transformational power of Baptiste Yoga methodology and provides a total immersion as well as an introductory education in the foundational principles and primary postural sequence of Baptiste Power Yoga.

What to Expect From Level One

After decades of learning and discovery, and thousands of hours of facilitation in the classroom, Baron Baptiste has dedicated his life to developing and sharing the most essential, powerful, and effective yoga methodology… Merging the critical elements and organizing principles of alignment to give you a postural sequence that you can practice and teach for the rest of your life with on-going expanding results.  

This time-tested and proven Journey Into Power postural sequence trains and develops the body, heart and mind and is an access to a new kind of power, freedom and vitality.

Each day you will explore and discover what you want in your life, career or relationships and how your practice and teaching can support that. You will discover a clear and renewed sense of direction and life purpose. You’ll discover the steps to altering what’s possible in your life permanently, and close the gap between what’s now happening and what you want to have happen. 

Each day, you’ll uncover beliefs that limit your life, practice and teaching.  You’ll learn the simple time-proven practice and methods of Baptiste Yoga that will empower you to achieve the breakthroughs that are waiting for you. At Level One, every day is transformation day.

You are about to receive the breakthrough you’ve been looking for… and probably many others that you’d never see coming.

We are committed to providing life altering transformation on and off the mat through the practices and techniques of Baptiste Power Yoga.  

It works because you work it.

What People Are Saying About Level One

Level One changed my life in so many ways I never expected! I came in wanting to be a more effective yoga teacher and I came out knowing more about who I am than I ever did, clear on where I want to go in my life, and feeling more joy than ever!

          Level One allowed me to face my fears and empowered me to reconnect with myself and my community. It also deepened my connection to my practice and my understanding of how growing in my practice directly reflects how I grow in my life.

My Level One experience has transformed my life completely through my asana, my relationships, and how I show up in the world. I feel empowered to show up as my full self in everything I do and am experiencing a new level of presence and intentionality in how I live my life.

          Level One inspired my personal practice, and my teaching. My biggest take away was my ability and desire to be the leader I’ve always had in me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Level One for?

This program is meant for anyone with a deep desire to grow, including:

ANY skill level

ANY adult age 

ANY body type

ANY background 

ANY language

While previous experience with Baptiste Power Yoga may give you a stronger starting point, this program was designed to support individuals who are coming in as beginner yoga practitioners as well. In other words, however you show up to the training is perfect.

The only thing we ask is that you have a desire to grow and show up fully. At Level One: Journey Into Power we expect nothing but ask that you bring your absolute all. 


Q. Why Baptiste Power Yoga Level One Teacher Training?

As Shakespeare said, “you know who you are, and know not who you could be.”

Perhaps you’re simply inspired to teach or uplevel and elevate your teaching. 

Perhaps you’re looking to grow in new ways or advance your yoga practice.

Perhaps someone suggested that you need this Training… 

Or maybe it’s some other challenge in your life.

Whether it’s dealing with stressful or unfulfilling work experiences, facing loneliness, anxiety, low energy, relationship challenges, or even being stuck in a physical body that you’d love to shape up and revitalize… 

Level One will provide you with a complete way through.


Q. Does Level One Virtual lead to Certification?

Level one is a Certified Yoga Teacher Training that leads to a Level One Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential. At the conclusion of the program, there is a multiple-choice Exam, and upon successful completion of Level One, you are now eligible to begin your Certification Pathway.


  1. You will be required to read Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste. You will be required to read Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste. You can purchase a hard copy of the new 2022 Edition here or an audio version here.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Journey Into Power Sequence of postures as written on the Journey Into Power PDF (available here), including the names of each sequence and each of the poses within the 11 sequences.


You will have the option of paying your tuition in full upon registration or paying in monthly installments through Split It. There is a $500 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit (which cannot be used for a future program upon cancellation or transfer) that is included upon completion of your registration and will be applied to your tuition.

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