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Level Two Intermediate Training

2024 Dates Coming Soon

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Level Two Intermediate Training

2024 Dates Coming Soon

Get on the Waitlist below to be the first to know when new dates are announced!

Welcome to Level Two Intermediate Training

This is your opportunity to take your next big step towards becoming more effective and more fully expressed in leading.  Through Level Two you will become more confident in your leading and more connected to the results you want to create in your classroom environment.

The Level Two Intermediate Training is an intermediate-level course that builds on the principles, practices and techniques introduced in the Level One Journey Into Power program.

Level Two Virtual is ideal for any instructor serious about delivering quality instruction.  As a Level Two participant you will enhance your understanding of the Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology, and the Journey Into Power sequence design and application. You will advance your skillfulness in leading others in the practices and techniques of Baptiste Power Yoga.

What Does Level Two Intermediate Training Look Like?

Level Two Virtual provides an opportunity for Baptiste Power Yoga Instructors and those who want to lead, to refine their own practice skills over 2 weeks of on-demand video classroom work, and live Zoom group training sessions. Participants should come prepared to be fully engaged and immersed in the practices. Live Zoom Webinar classroom sessions are discussion-based, and each participant will lead individual and small group sessions. Peers and instructors provide guidance and feedback throughout the process. 

Level Two Virtual is a core 2 week program with weekly live coaching sessions occurring over the 2 weeks. You will have access to review the course content for 6 weeks total and the same length of time to complete the program.

This program is intended to leave you with a life altering transformation. In this training, you will upgrade your technical knowledge and skill set for leading the Baptiste Yoga Journey Into Power sequence and Organizing Principles of True North Alignment.

Through Level Two Virtual, you will…

Learn to skillfully apply tools to your own practice and lead from an inspired purpose.

Elevate your technical knowledge and skill set for leading the Journey Into Power sequence and the Organizing Principles of True North Alignment.

Deepen your capacity for how to apply the Baptiste Methodology in ways that make a real, lasting difference for you and the other lives you touch.

What People Are Saying About Level Two:

Staying committed to the work presented in Level 2, I am seeing a shift in my life. My interactions, my internal dialogue, my way of being, my teaching, and my practice are all fundamentally changed after going through this process. I am invigorated and ready for what’s next!”

          “Just do the training, you will leave transformed and glad you completed it! It will change your life, way of being, and how you listen!”

“Level Two unlocked a sense of freedom in accessing who I am and how I show up in the world. It gave me a sense of peace with who I am and in that, I gained so much power to author my own life instead of letting it author me.”

          “Through the Baptiste Methodology, not only did I learn new tools for leveling up my yoga teaching and asana practice, but I learned how to level up myself. The things that I have used to define me were challenged, and I was left in a new space of choosing who I want to be for others.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Level Two for?

Completion of Level One: Journey Into Power is a requirement.

Participating in Level Two Intermediate Training does not require you to currently teach nor have the desire to teach. What this program does require is 100% commitment to your own growth and to fulfilling on what matters most to you.

How does the program flow?

Instructor-led Lessons. Self-led Practice. Your opportunity to grow & develop, at your pace.

Over the core 2 weeks you will engage with on-demand and live sessions led by Baron Baptiste and other trainers. Participants can engage with Baptiste Power Yoga trainers as well as receive feedback where you will deepen your grasp and capacity of how to apply the Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology in ways that make a real, lasting difference for you and the other lives you touch. Weekly sessions will consist of Baptiste Power Yoga asana practices, meditations, inquiry, discussions, skill development exercises, leading Asana workshops and feedback.

Self-Led Practice:

Outside of synchronous webinars, dive into Level Two Virtual on-demand video and audio lectures, physical practices, leading asana workshops, meditations and interactive feedback webinars.


You will have access to all program content for a period of 6 weeks, allowing you to self-pace and complete in your own time if unable to complete within the recommended 2 week time frame.


In Level Two, you will…

  • Eradicate your own limitations blocking your calling and your career.
  • Break barriers of self-judgment.
  • Discover how your words create your world.
  • Exhibit effective ways of being and personal presence in the classroom.
  • Identify and develop essential qualities of an effective instructor.
  • Engage and inspire your students with your authentic voice and presence.
  • Explore and improve your own vibrant body language.
  • Refine, detail and empower your own yoga practice.

The promise of Level Two Intermediate Training is that you will leave the training standing in a new kind of power and purpose as practitioner and instructor of The Baptiste Methodology. In this training you will transform what’s holding you back in your practice, in your teaching, and in your life, allowing for your next level of empowered expression and skillfulness to unfold.

Real Work. Real Results.

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