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Savasana is the completing pose of yoga practice. It is an opportunity to come home to yourself— where you can see that there really is no “home” unless you find it within yourself. It is the place where your whole being is awakened, where you allow and accept all feelings and emotions to arisecomfortable or otherwise. It’s where we learn that openness is the key to inner strength and that it doesn’t come from resisting our fears and feelings, but rather from allowing them to rise up and then letting them go. It is the place to simply be you, simply and fully as you are.

Ordinarily on the mat, we do poses as a way of becoming something more: better, wiser, stronger, greater. Through our efforts and actions, we are embodying the energy of “becoming,” which is distinct from just “being.” In Savasana, we discover the possibility of just being. No trying, no effort. Savasana is the practice of non-actionnon-doingand that is the space of being.

Each of us has experienced those magic moments in life of pure being, when we’re fully present and engaged in the moment. Whether these moments in life are frequent or rare, in Savasana, we can get in touch with that place within ourselves as a conscious act and access it at will.

Tammy Hender
Author: Tammy Hender

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