Shift Your Vision

Whatever spiritual or physical transformation process we are going through, we are seeking to undo and unlearn a thought system that has blinded our true vision. In life, we run into obstacles that upon first glance look like the fault of others, but a closer examination will often show that the obstacles can be a mirror of our own hidden barriers. Every time we find ourselves in conflict, we immediately launch into blindness of resentment and fear. We lose our eye of intuition and lose sight of what is real.

Yes and no are present in all things. To say yes to one thing automatically means saying no to another. If you do something wrong – if you hurt, you lie, you abuse – you are saying no to what’s right. Saying yes to conscience and spirit is saying no to ego. Ultimately, through right intention, we have the power to say no to the ego and look through the lens of higher consciousness. To shift our vision means looking at the usual things with fresh eyes. As we start to spiritually awaken, our new vision allows us to see that most of our obstacles are created within our own hearts.