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Making decisions can be a difficult process, especially when considering the people around us. 

We often get caught up in the fear of making mistakes and the potential judgment we could face, which leads to indecision or quick decisions that don’t always result in positive outcomes. 

When faced with a decision, it’s wise to take into consideration those around us who may be affected by our choices. 

This could include family, friends, colleagues, or even complete strangers. We should assess how they might be impacted and weigh this information against our own needs and wants. 

However, it’s important not to let other people’s opinions drown out our own thoughts and feelings on the matter… 

Because this can lead to making decisions based on what we think others want rather than what is in our best interest. 

Sometimes the most effective way of making decisions involves taking the time for self-reflection and thoughtful consideration. 

Disconnecting from external sources of opinion can help in allowing us to properly weigh all factors involved in a decision without being swayed by negative reactions or input from others. 

No one said making decisions was easy, but there are ways in which we can make it less daunting for ourselves. 

Considering others when making a decision is important, but letting fear influence your decisions based on what you think others want you to do is unhealthy.

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