If you feel like you’re in a dark place right now or are feeling unmotivated and discouraged, take a moment to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

No matter how dark it might seem right now, the question is not whether the light exists… but how to access it. 

Trying harder, doing more, and doing things “better” will not work. 

You can’t go into a dark room with a baseball bat and beat the dark into submission…

You’ve got to switch on the light!

How do you do that? Click on the video below and see:

The key is to cultivate a love of the truth… 

This is what will set you free and allow you to access the light. 

Light is a metaphor for hope…

It’s the promise that something better is possible, that things can get better, and that a brighter future lies ahead. 

But in order to reach it, we must take action.

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Just like you can’t beat the darkness into submission, you also can’t just wait around for it to go away. That’s a trap that will keep you stranded, feeling helpless and hopeless.

We cannot simply sit around and wait for the darkness to pass. We must actively pursue the light and make an effort to find it. 

Cultivating a love of the truth can help us to uncover the light, even when we cannot see it. The truth is not always easy to come by. It can be hard to accept, and it can be difficult to find the courage to face it. 

But it’s the only way to truly access the light at the end of the tunnel. 

We have to have the courage to face the darkness and the faith to believe that the light exists!

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