The Practice of Begin Again

The cycle of going unconscious and waking up is a practice of simply beginning again. We’re always in process with this. The moment you wake up and realize you’ve drifted off into thoughts and storyland, you simply connect to your senses, open your eyes and your ears, feel your feet on the floor, plug into the physical world “out here,” and begin again. You come back to presence and start over.

Will you drift off again? Yes, of course. Every time you notice you’ve drifted off into your head, just go through the process of locating yourself in physical space (“I feel my feet on the floor right here…I see what I see and hear what I hear in the physical space around me”) and begin again. You may need to start over moment after moment, and that’s okay. There is no place else you are supposed to bethe place to be is here, where you are.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising each time we fall.”
> Confucius

Begin again is the practice of gracefully rising and re-directing every time we fall away from our true aim.