Three Steps To Giving Something Up

We give something up, moment by moment as it arises through three steps:

1. Awareness

2. Acceptance

3. Declaration

Let’s say fear shows up for you a lot. You can alleviate its effects by doing the following:

The first step is to become aware that fear is present. Each time you do so, it’s an opportunity to give it up. Right in that moment, you can choose, with a clear perspective, whether to continue to let fear control you or to drop it.

I’m not talking about resisting, since what we resist, we empower. The more powerful path is to acknowledge it, feel it, let it come up and let it go. Remember, when we’re not paying attention to fear in this way, it has us in its grip—it’s driving the bus. But when we’re aware of it, we can choose whether to give it control or take back the steering wheel.

The second step is acceptance. It’s the action of embracing the fear as it is and as it isn’t, and giving up any of the resistance to what you see and feel. You give up judging what is bad or good, right or wrong, and release any fault, blame or whatever other story you’re spinning about it (“This shouldn’t be happening,” “I don’t want this,” and so on).

The third step, declaration, is exactly what it sounds like. You simply—but intentionally—declare, “Right now, I give up fear.” Note that it doesn’t say, “I’m going to give up fear,” “I’ll try my best to give up fear,” or “I want to give up fear.” There is immeasurable power in declaration that works if we own it in the present as if it’s already real, true and in existence. The amazing thing is that you don’t even need to believe it’s true in the moment. Just the act of declaring in words, silently or aloud, sets the intent energetically in motion and primes the space to bring that thing into existence. It also puts our attention on what we want to have happen and takes our intention off what’s stopping us.

Excerpt from Being of Power by Baron Baptiste.