Trainer Profile – Baptiste Institute

Liz Faught

Tier 2: Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Educator

Owensboro, Kentucky, United States

Trainer Bio

My name is Liz! My life is for living my faith and loving others well as an access to experience and be for joy!

While living in Chattanooga, I discovered the powerful benefits of yoga.  Becoming a yoga instructor and studio owner became personal goals. The idea of connecting with and empowering others is essential in this amazing life I have been gifted to live. I completed my RYT 200 with Baptiste Expand Your Power at 270 Power Yoga in November of 2019. This program transformed my life and empowered me to open up to possibilities that I never imagined possible. Self-discovery, mind-body connection, confidence, self-love, being present and living an authentic life are some of those.  Sounds great, right? YES! 

Why join the 270 Power Yoga community?  Rebecca and others at 270 Power Yoga, continuously empower and support me. 270 Power Yoga felt like home from day one. Joining Rebecca in studio ownership is truly a dream come true! My why is to empower others to open up to the world of possibilities that await them! To lead others to awaken their minds and bodies to experience life in the fullest manner is an honor! 

After closing the studio in May 2021, I pivoted and started writing content for new programs and a Bible study! Keep an eye out for Grace Yoga and Faith Coaching by lizfaughtyoga. When I’m not writing, or practicing yoga, I enjoy date nights  with my husband, spending time with my three children, being involved at church, traveling, hiking, scuba diving and most anything outdoors!

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