Trainer Profile – Baptiste Institute

Leslie Bazile

Tier 1: Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Leader

NEWBURGH, NY, United States

Trainer Bio

I am a retired NYPD first responder and I completed my 200 RYT at Firefly Yoga Studio in Fishkill, NY in April 2017. I set out to become a tier 1 Baptiste certified leader within two years, which I was able to accomplish in April of 2019. My goal was to create a program for youth in my community, which I started the I AM….YOGA program at the Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie. I would like to create a program in my law enforcement community because of the high stress and demands of the job I know from personal experience that yoga kept me grounded and focused with the tasks on hand. I currently teach at Firefly, a Baptiste affiliated, studio and will continue my journey to become tier 2 certified in the near future. My goal is to continue reaching and teaching Baptiste yoga to as many people as I possibly can whether they can afford it financially or not.

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