Trainer Profile – Baptiste Institute

Lori Jokinen

Tier 1: Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Leader

Negaunee, MI, United States

Trainer Bio

I have been practicing Baptiste Power Yoga since 1998 with Baptiste VHS and DVDs. I went to Level One and it changed my life. I have a 200 HR training with Deborah Williamson and continued with multiple Baptiste Institute trainings. I became certified through the previous program of sending in my videos, paperwork, etc.
I am a completely changed person with the work and practices I have done on and off my mat. My word is strength and now added with the softness. In my new way of being, I can learn easier and I teach easier and I am so very comfortable in my skin, most of the time. I have learned self-compassion and love for self. I teach at two studios. I also trained in the YOD (your own determination: yoga with HIIT) and that too has upleveled my life. The classes I teach are: Power 60, YOD, and Restorative. I also have facilitated three 40 Days Programs. I love to teach and practice. I was meant to do this.

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