Trainer Profile – Baptiste Institute

Jenn Bush

Tier 2: Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Educator

Kaneohe, HI, United States

Trainer Bio

In her dynamic vinyasa style class, Jenn encourages students to explore their edges, work easy, uncover strength, and revitalize Spirit. As a teacher, Jenn creates an enjoyable environment for students by building community and bringing something new to every class. With fresh energy, she yokes postures together in a potent and balanced sequence. Jenn strives to help everyone move deeper into their bodies to discover their true potential.

Jenn’s true purpose in this life is to bring people together to have fun and to grow. How cool is that? She thrives on opportunities to invite people to step courageously toward their passions. She brings this kind of moxie to the mat in an effulgent class full of spirit and power. When she isn’t teaching or coaching she enjoys producing and supporting others conscious events. She has assisted an assortment of programs throughout the US (In Hawaii, California, Utah, Texas, & New York), Mexico, Africa, and Bali.

“I enjoy providing space for my students to awaken their own inner teachers, learn to listen from within, and transform their lives. I recognize the parallels of our lives on our mat and out in the world and believe that the presence you cultivate on the mat during asana practice can be taken out into the world and make for a more peaceful and fulfilling life. I encourage my students to sweat, work their edges, and enJOY!” -JPB

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