Trainer Profile – Baptiste Institute

Sylvia Maxwell

Tier 3: Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Influencer

Sarver, PA, United States

Trainer Bio

For Sylvia, her yoga practice started as a way to get out of the house for a brief reprieve from caring for two small twin toddlers. After some time, she began filling in for her instructor, mimicking her leadership style. Sylvia was been advised to attend level one with Baron. Her first reaction was that she had attended the wrong training… she expected to learn advanced poses in Sanskrit- no more, no less. 

What she got instead was access to a tool box that allowed her to discover her own personal power. She became integrated into a community of accountability. In short, Sylvia began doing the work.

Sylvia is a Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Influencer, Fit to Lead graduate, and affiliate studio owner, but these titles hardly begin to scratch the surface of what she’s been able to do because of Baptiste yoga.

Sylvia recently travelled to Nairobi, Kenya, to apprentice for Africa Yoga Project’s EYP teacher training. She has led the Unstoppable program as a training for those who work with youth. Sylvia has been able to facilitate teacher trainings, breakthroughs and breakdowns, honest conversations, all as a result of delivering the Baptiste Yoga methodology. 

As a way to make the methodology accessible for members of the Albany, Georgia community, Sylvia created the nonprofit Albany Yoga Project. Through pop-up classes, partnerships with local businesses, and workshops, Community members are easily able to get into the practice and tap into their own leadership. Sylvia has trained 13 powerful ambassadors for Albany Yoga Project who deliver the practice all over the community.

Recently, Sylvia has moved Sol Power Yoga, a Baptiste Power Yoga affiliate, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to rebrand as Baptiste Power Yoga Pittsburgh. Growth, change, and expansion are upon the cOMmUNITY of Oakmont in Pittsburgh, and she is thrilled to be on the edge of something new.

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