What are you ready for?

There is no “you” that can’t do something that seems possible. There are only thoughts and feelings that pop up and try to stop you. The truth is that you’re always ready, right now. The thing that inspires you deep in your heart is what you’re ready for. Anything else you believe is just a story that you made up about how you can’t—one that’s kept alive by the fear-fueled inner no. If you’re reading this, it means that you’re up to something bigger in your life, and whatever breakthrough is on the horizon, you’re ready for it—right here, right now. This is it. The beginning of being of power is when we move away from, “Someday, maybe, I want to…” to “I am committed to _____________.” Anything that’s really important to you, any result that you really want for yourself that you can envision as a possibility, is not a maybe/someday/however kind of thing.

What inspires you deep in your heart?