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  • How Yoga Changed My Life

    How Yoga Changed My Life

    f you’ve known me for a while, then you know I came into my career in a roundabout way. What turned things around for me, what really brought about revolution and revelation, was the act of getting on my yoga mat every day. Whether I wanted to or not… whether I felt like it or not…

  • How to Deal with Critics and Criticism

    How to Deal with Critics and Criticism

    Critical people can be really hard to deal with… I’m sure you’ve dealt with your fair share of them, too. And while it can be painful to your ego to hear criticism, especially from someone whose opinion really matters to you, it can also be very beneficial…

  • 5 Ways to Engage Your Kids with Yoga

    5 Ways to Engage Your Kids with Yoga

    Are you looking for ways to share your passion for yoga with your kids? Yoga is a wonderful way to help kids stay active and learn mindfulness, and it’s something that can be incorporated into their daily routine.  The benefits of yoga for kids can be far-reaching. It helps to improve strength and flexibility, while also relieving stress and anxiety.

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