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  • The Silent Majority

    The Silent Majority

    People are cautious about what they’re saying because they believe they’re part of a ”silent majority.” It leads to actively choosing not to speak up about what you believe in for fear of someone leaving you, being canceled, losing your job, or destroying your reputation…

  • 5 Ways to Build Your Confidence

    5 Ways to Build Your Confidence

    Confidence is a major contributor to success… but a lot of people struggle in this area. These 5 practices boost self esteem and raise your confidence.

  • Turning Setbacks into Opportunities

    Turning Setbacks into Opportunities

    In life, we are always the students. And that means we always have the option to learn and grow!  There are many powerful ways that we can turn our setbacks into opportunities, but we need to teach ourselves to see them in a positive light and to be willing to embrace them when they happen.