This is a gentle reminder that you have nowhere to be but exactly where you are, right now. That is the beauty of the present moment. In this meditation opportunity, we’re inviting you to meditate on your highest self. This meditation for manifesting your future is for you! 

Meditation Moment: Tune Into Your Highest You

Goals and dreams are a special part of our lives. They allow us to envision a future state for ourselves in a vivid way, which can guide our present-day actions as we ask ourselves, “what can I do or what do I need to do at this moment, in order to become the version of me in my dreams?”

When you are climbing a big mountain or trekking a long hike, picturing the beautiful view that awaits you is one way to stay motivated to keep going. So why not integrate this practice of envisioning your goals and dreams, too?

During your meditation practice today, save 15 minutes to practice envisioning your dreams coming to life. You may be surprised at how this practice accelerates your momentum!

Meditation Prompt:

Close your eyes and picture yourself achieving a dream or a goal…

What are you doing? Where is your physical body? Are you alone or with others? Are you in a familiar environment or a foreign one?

How are you feeling? Are you relieved, elated, motivated, joyful, proud, or strong? What do these emotions feel like in your body, mind, and spirit?

What do you see around you? What do you smell or taste? What do you hear around you? Truly immerse yourself in the senses of this future you, who has achieved their goal or accomplished their dream.

Remember – this version of you is awaiting you on the other side of your hard work.


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