Inquiry Moment: What Can You Give Up?

You may not realize it, but sometimes giving up is a really good thing! Especially when the thing you are giving up is something that does not serve you anymore. When we drop what we don’t need, we free ourselves up to embrace something new. So what can you give up right here, today?

Inquiry Prompt:

Identify something in your life you can give up right now. It may be fear, negativity, self-talk that isn’t positive, worry, or overwhelm, etc. Whatever it is, bring it into your view and work through what the three stages of giving up would look like for you and this item.

1. Awareness: Acknowledge that you have something you are ready to drop. Explore what it feels like to be ready to give it up.

2. Acceptance: Embrace this thing for what it is, and what it isn’t. Give up any resistance to what you see and feel. Don’t judge yourself, blame yourself, or shame yourself.

3. Declaration: Give this thing a name and face it head on. Simply, but intentionally, create yourself a declaration. “I give up [BLANK] – right here, right now.” Speak as it is true now, not as it will be in the future. Declare it in the present, out loud or silently in your journal.

What does it feel like to presence yourself in this new reality, and what is on your horizon now that you have given up what does not serve you?


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