Exercise For Treating Yourself With Kindness | Physical Body Scan

Have you ever heard the expression, “treat others the way you want to be treated”? For many, it’s the golden rule.

But what happens when we respect and honor others as we hope they would treat us in return, then when it comes to treating our own selves with kindness, we tend to struggle? Let’s turn the Golden Rule onto ourselves, too.

Inquiry Moment: Check In With Physical Body

We can begin by taking intentional time to check in — especially on how our physical body is feeling — in order to give ourselves whatever we may need more of. That could be rest, movement, play, or another form of self-care.

To put this into practice, try this: Set a reminder once or twice a day to check in with how you are physically feeling. Turn on an alarm or set time on your work calendar. During the check-in, take stock of how you feel physically in your body. Are you feeling sleepy or energetic? Is your chest tight or do you feel relaxed and at peace?

Notice how you are feeling and be curious about how those feelings might give you guidance into how to approach the rest of your day.

For example, take advantage of the days you’re feeling energetic, giddy, and at peace. Consider getting on your mat, or doing another physical activity that brings you joy, like dancing. If you’re not feeling your best physically, consider taking time to meditate, journal, or go for a walk.

Most importantly, use these check in times as an opportunity to treat yourself as you hope others will treat you — with an open and kind heart, free from judgment, allowing room to simply be.

Stay In the Work

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