8 Reasons To Practice Mindfulness For Yogis

In a yoga class, on social media, even here in this blog post — you probably hear A LOT about mindfulness these days. But what is the true value of this practice for your life?

Simply put, practicing mindfulness in big and small ways throughout our day is to be as holistically present in your lived experiences as possible. Simply taking the time to observe, feel, and understand where you are right now is as ALIVE as you can be. Plus, mindfulness is within you. You don’t need others to tap into it, and it has a ton of perks:

  1. It helps sharpen your focus.
  2. It turns your attention inward.
  3. It can be used to increase positive thoughts.
  4. It can be used to decrease negative thoughts.
  5. It is easy to implement.
  6. It has little or no cost.
  7. It can be performed anywhere.
  8. It can be performed at any age.

Meditation and mindful moments can be just that — moments in time that allow you to be fully present to the current experience of existence you are in.

You might be someone who loves to spend time on your mat, but you find it hard to keep your mind from wandering. Or perhaps you have a meditation practice each morning, but you find it hard to tap into this state due to the intensity of daily life. With this in mind, spend a few minutes thinking about a new way you can incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.

How can you build in the practice of mindfulness in a new, fresh way that serves your highest good?