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It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut… 

But luckily, it’s also easy to break out of it!

And if you’re looking for a way to do exactly that, I’ve got a resource for you that I think will really help.

It’s called the Personal Revolution Challenge. It’s based on my book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution…

And it’s a journey you can take for free when you sign up here!

The day after you sign up, you’ll get a printable PDF to help you on the journey. Each day for 12 days, we’ll explore one of the steps of the 12 Laws of Transformation…

A Challenge for Body, Soul, and Mind

In addition to 12 days of Transformation, you’ll also get a daily email with a mindset message, an asana practice, and a meditation focus for the day.

And, since a journey like this one is made better with company and support, you’ll also have access to a special Facebook group where others like you are embarking on the same path to transformation!

This is a powerful resource that can jump-start your goals for a balanced, centered life lived to the fullest…

Grab a friend, sign up, and start the journey today!

Kayla Nicholson
Author: Kayla Nicholson

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