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Stop Living in Stress and Anxiety

We have been conditioned to believe that we are not good enough the way we are. We’re pursuing some better version of ourselves all the while asleep to the one true fact in the universe.

Our ideal selves are already within us, just waiting to be awakened.

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We’re Committed to Helping You Free Your Authentic Self

Baron Baptiste has studied and practiced yoga for nearly his entire life. He knows that Power Yoga can be a powerful tool to help you free your own personal statue, which is why he developed Baptiste Power Yoga.

You have been instructed your whole life to look outside yourself – to parents, teachers, experts and maybe even the gurus, but all you need is already within you. The goal here is not to go out and find yourself. It is about excavating the amazing radiant self already inside you.

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Over one million Baptiste Power Yoga students taught

80 Years

Founded in 1940, Baptiste Power Yoga is 80 years in the making.

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People are raving about Baptiste Power Yoga

"My powerful takeaway from Level One was learning how to teach yoga and not be doing yoga. Level One empowered me to really see the students who are in the room and teach to what is actually happening in the moment."

Jennifer H

"This training was life changing. It opened my eyes to where I see my life going and how I can be in constant creation of how to get there."

Morgan B

"I never even considered getting certified until I came to Level Two. Now that is a new goal of mine. It is my honor and I truly feel my duty to continue to share the magic of Level Two and Baptiste Yoga so I am able to fully share and inspire others in my community."

Shelley R

"Quite simply, my Level One experience was the most impactful week I have ever had."

Melissa D

"What else can I say other than the programs are worth every penny spent, mile traveled, and time away from life. The programs have shown me a way to live a lighter, fuller and more meaningful life."

Darin F

"I strongly think that this program should be taken by everyone even if they are not planning on teaching. It is so much more."

Daniel V

"I believe this training is perfect for everyone at all levels in their practice and in life. It really forces you to open up to identify who you really are."

Steve A

"Since Level three ...I have fulfilled my goal of completing the Unstoppable Facilitator training, and I’m leading my first training this month. ...I am embodying my “why” in my workplace and in my personal life, and am able to sense when I’m out of alignment with my own integrity or actions around what I say I want- and am therefore able to take concrete steps to “right the ship”. ...I am even more grateful for the worldwide connection of teachers and students of this powerful practice. WE are making change on and off our mats thanks to Baptiste Power Yoga."

Jodi F

"This was the most transformational week of my life! I have so much momentum to continue teaching/sharing/creating, but I've also opened up in a whole new way. There are so many new possibilities and doors open to me now."

Kelly K

"The best decision of my life was attending this program. Entering the program I felt incomplete as a person, leaving the program I feel complete. It has opened me up and empowered me to create a new way of being, which is full of possibilities.a"

Tim K

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